Sensor Design
Data Analysis

The Company provides all services from consulting to total project project planning and completion. We consult on all project phases from data reduction to equipment design and construction. We also conduct field surveys, demonstration and fieldwork using either newly built equipment or standard GPR and geophysical units. We have experience with the design, construction and use of many sensors, including

  • Ground Penetration Radars
  • Resistivity techniques
  • Acoustics (high frequency seismics)
  • Infrared scanners
  • Hyperspectral scanners

IRC can provide sensor and technology studies as well as work with the hardware/software. For construction work, we sub-contract to local (San Francisco Bay Area) small businesses with the appropriate equipment. For software we have a variety of groups that we work with including some in Europe and some in California.

Ancillary services, in support of GPR work include resistivity surveys, fusion with other remote sensors, site analysis prior to survey, and consulting advice on survey procedures and equipment.

IRC is registered with Dunn and Bradstreet for the purposes of bidding on SBA contracts. We do not operate a secure facility, although we have access to one through our partners, and most of our consultants either have or have recently held high level clearances. Our rates are competitive, - give us a call for help on your next project

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